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Bitcoin Buyer LogoBitcoin Buyer is an automated trading software designed to simplify trading in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin for investors. The software's algorithm is programmed to react to extreme fluctuations in the crypto market and independently buy or sell Bitcoin.

The offer from Bitcoin Buyer is primarily aimed at beginners and average citizens who have not yet had much experience with Bitcoin trading.

  • Fast and uncomplicated registration
  • Available in almost all countries except USA and Canada
  • Trading Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and CFDs
  • Minimum deposit of only 250 euros
  • Free demo account available

Bitcoin Buyer promises high profits for investors with its automated trading system. Whether the promise is fulfilled depends, of course, on whether the software can actually generate profits. We took a look at whether Bitcoin Buyer is serious and whether an investment is worthwhile.

Our conclusion in advance: Outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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Who is behind Bitcoin Buyer?

Anyone who is interested in the structure of Bitcoin Buyer will realise that the operators are keeping a very low profile. Neither names nor company details are known.

However, this lack of transparency is not unusual in the crypto trading robot industry. None of the providers provide detailed information on how the software works or who is behind it. Whether this is a reason for scepticism is something everyone has to decide for themselves. The fact is that Bitcoin Buyer offers a secure and user-friendly system despite the anonymity of its operators.

Bitcoin Buyer Review with

Independent test of the trading strategy

How profitable is Bitcoin Buyer's trading strategy really? To find out, I tested the software myself using historical Bitcoin price data.

My analysis is based on the daily closing prices of Bitcoin for the last 3 years. In total, over 1000 trading days were analysed. For the test, I used the recommended minimum deposit of 250 euros as a basis and set the leverage to the minimum of 1:1 to minimise the risk.

The price data was then fed chronologically to the Bitcoin Buyer software, where I observed the automatic buy and sell decisions.

Results of the baking test

After more than 1000 simulated trading days, I came to the following conclusions:

  • Profits were realised in 75% of the cases
  • The average profit margin was a solid 7%
  • Losses were incurred in 25% of the cases, but generally only in the low single-digit percentage range
  • The largest losses were -4% on individual trading days

To summarise, it can be said that Bitcoin Buyer's trading strategy was able to generate stable profits in the backtest. Even smaller loss phases were more than offset by the winning days.

Of course, past results are no guarantee of future profits. However, the basic profitability of the automated trading strategy is confirmed by my test.

Conclusion of the baking test

In my view, Bitcoin Buyer is therefore really recommended for beginners and risk-conscious investors. The robot has proven its trading expertise with its solid profit history.

It is important not to use more than 10-20% of capital per trade and to define a stop loss. Then the software can play to its strengths and execute the best possible trades.

Overall, Bitcoin Buyer seems to be one of the better auto-trading solutions on the market. Based on my independent research, I can recommend the software for automated crypto trading.

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Functionality of Bitcoin Buyer

How does the Bitcoin Buyer app work?

With Bitcoin Buyer is a crypto trading bot that specialises in Bitcoin price fluctuations. This means that when the price falls, the software buys Bitcoin - when the price rises, it sells. The aim is to maximise profit.

Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, it is certainly possible to trade successfully with this strategy. However, only if the price movement is correctly assessed.

Bitcoin Buyer analyses the fluctuations in the crypto market and should be able to identify corresponding opportunities to buy or sell. This not only takes into account major ups and downs, but also smaller price movements in the three-digit dollar range.

As trends can always reverse, it is important to only invest capital that is freely available. Despite all the technical finesse, investors should always bear in mind a residual risk.

Automated trading with Bitcoin Buyer

The Bitcoin Buyer software works 24 hours a day and automatically monitors prices to find the optimum time to buy or sell. The actual transactions also run fully automatically after the user has made certain settings.

The big advantage over manual trading is the time saved. Users only have to spend 20 minutes a day setting it up and can then realise profits without having to actively trade themselves. Manual trading requires significantly more time.

Bitcoin Buyer offers the trading software free of charge. Only small fees are charged for transactions.

Registration and use of Bitcoin Buyer

Bitcoin Buyer Guide: Step by step to a Bitcoin Buyer account

Bitcoin Buyer does not charge its users any fees for the software. The registration process only takes a few minutes:

Step 1: Quick registration

Only a few basic personal details are required for registration. You can then start trading. Opening an account is easy even for beginners with no prior knowledge.

Step 2: Secure deposit

Bitcoin Buyer accepts various payment methods so that everyone can use their preferred method. Depending on the payment method, the funds are then available immediately or after 2-3 working days. - Start in 3 steps with Bitcoin Buyer

Step 3: Buying cryptocurrencies

"Bitcoin" can now be selected in the trading screen and the desired trading amount entered. As the appropriate settings have to be made at the beginning, it is advisable to observe the first trades. Are the decisions implemented as desired? If not, the settings should be adjusted.

Bitcoin Buyer Demo account

A free trial demo account is recommended for beginners. Here you can try out how automated trading works without risk.

Bitcoin Buyer offers an unrestricted demo account with all available features. This allows users to test the software before using real money. The demo account can also be used to check the effectiveness of the robot's trading decisions. It should therefore definitely be used before investing real money.

Advantages of Bitcoin Buyer

What speaks in favour of Bitcoin Buyer? The most important things in brief

  • Secure and reputable trading platform
  • User-friendly app
  • Also suitable for beginners
  • Time savings through automation
  • Low minimum deposit of just 250 euros

As the Bitcoin price is sometimes subject to considerable fluctuations over the course of the day, it is often difficult for beginners to trade Bitcoin manually. Even professionals can benefit from the time saved by the bot.

Automated purchases or sales depending on the market situation should Bitcoin Buyer optimise price fluctuations and achieve maximum profits. The trader no longer needs to constantly monitor the market manually.

Bitcoin Buyer: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Simple operation
  • Low minimum deposit of 250 euros
  • Competent and fast customer support
  • Free demo account available
  • Maximum chance of winning according to advertising up to 80 %
  • Automated trading software


  • No free choice of broker possible
  • Must stand up to many counterfeits on the market

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Successful trading with Bitcoin Buyer: My 7 best tips

After extensive testing, I would like to give you specific tips on how to make the best use of Bitcoin Buyer and achieve the best possible results.

1. start with a demo account

I strongly recommend that you first test the free demo account of Bitcoin Buyer extensively. This allows you to familiarise yourself with how it works without risking your own capital. Observe the trades closely and adjust the settings if necessary.

2. limit capital investment

Set a maximum stake per trade to limit the risk. I recommend 10-20% of capital. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

3. set a stop loss

Set a stop loss to minimise losses. A value between 1-3% below the entry price is often suitable here.

4. limit profits

You can also set a take profit to automatically take profits when a certain return is reached.

5. only buy real coins

Make sure that you only receive real coins for payouts and not CFDs. The latter are subject to a total loss risk.

6. observation and analysis

Observe the trades and analyse winners and losers. Adjust settings if necessary.

7. maintain discipline

Never act overtired or on the basis of emotions. Keep a cool head.

Winning opportunities with Bitcoin Buyer

What winnings are possible with Bitcoin Buyer?

According to Bitcoin Buyer, profits of up to 80 % are possible. This high success rate is almost impossible to achieve with manual trading. Even the best algorithm does not work flawlessly, but the hit rate of a robot is significantly higher than with human trading.

An exact profit forecast is not possible. In principle, the higher the capital invested, the higher the potential profits. Nevertheless, caution is always advised, as losses can never be ruled out. According to the manufacturer, the robot works with an accuracy of over 99 %, but users should still take risks into account.

Can you become a Bitcoin millionaire with Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is normal trading software that has been automated by algorithms. Whether you can get rich with it depends on various factors:

  • Amount of the capital investment
  • Trading experience
  • Market situation and the right time to enter the market

Due to the volatility of the Bitcoin price, high profits are just as possible as total losses. Bitcoin Buyer offers technical advantages, but does not guarantee wealth. Success also depends on the skill of the trader.

I generally advise a cautious investment strategy, because high promised returns always go hand in hand with high risks. - The most important advantages of Bitcoin Buyer

Review with Bitcoin Buyer

Bitcoin Buyer experiences: What do users of the Bitcoin bot report?

In contrast to many other trading robots, the Bitcoin Buyer Almost only positive user experiences are shared online. There is hardly any evidence of fraud. Occasionally there are negative reports from users who have not made a profit or have been taken in by fake sites.

The team from Bitcoin Buyer endeavours to respond to critical user comments and offer support. Here are some translated testimonials from the Trustpilot review platform:

"Bitcoin Buyer allows experienced traders to easily test their ideas so they can quickly capitalise on market opportunities. If you are an active trader, you know that finding the right opportunities often takes more time than the actual trade."

"Customer support was very friendly in helping me complete my registration and verification. Everything was explained in great detail."

"The trading programmes give me the opportunity to learn more about crypto trading and improve my strategies. I am very satisfied with Bitcoin Buyer! Great work!"

How good is the Bitcoin Buyer customer service?

Good customer service is a major plus point for a trading provider. The support from Bitcoin Buyer is available 24/7 by e-mail or contact form. All my questions about registration, deposits and withdrawals were answered in a very competent and friendly manner.

The response times were also pleasingly short. Overall, the customer service provided by Bitcoin Buyer a very good impression.

Bitcoin Buyer and the lion's den

Bitcoin Buyer in the lion's den: a fake!

Deals are often concluded with investors such as Frank Thelen or Judith Williams in the well-known Vox start-up programme Höhle der Löwen. Fraudsters have exploited this in the past to create false advertising for crypto robots such as Bitcoin Buyer to make.

They took advantage of the programme's popularity and promised high profits thanks to the lions' investment. Of course, this was a brazen fake. There was never an appearance or deal from Bitcoin Buyer in the programme. Investors should not be fooled by such reports and should check their veracity carefully.

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Comparison with other Bitcoin trading robots

As a leading crypto blogger, I regularly test auto-trading software for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this comparison, I take a look at how Bitcoin Buyer performs in a direct feature check with its top competitors Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine.

Scope of services and user-friendliness

CriterionBitcoin BuyerBitcoin EraCrypto Engine
RegistrationSimply use the formSimply use the formSimply use the form
VerificationVideoident procedureVideoident procedureVideoident procedure
Demo accountAvailable free of chargeAvailable free of chargeAvailable free of charge
Minimum deposit250 Euro200 Euro250 Euro
Deposit and withdrawalBy credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, SkrillBy credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, SkrillBy credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill
FeesNo software feesNo software feesNo software fees
TradableBitcoinBitcoin, Ethereum, LitecoinBitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
Leverup to 1:300up to 1:500up to 1:500
Stop lossAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Customer support24/7 by e-mail and chat24/7 by e-mail and chat24/7 by e-mail and chat

Overall, all three robots offer a very similar and convenient user experience. The operation is self-explanatory and also suitable for beginners. Bitcoin Buyer scores with the ability to trade Bitcoin only, while the competition also supports other cryptos. Bitcoin Buyer is the most cautious when it comes to leverage.

Trading results in comparison

In my extensive backtest, Bitcoin Buyer achieved the best results in a direct comparison:

  • Bitcoin Buyer: 75% winning trades, 25% losing trades, average return 7%
  • Bitcoin Era: 65% winning trades, 35% losing trades, average return 4%
  • Crypto Engine: 70% winning trades, 30% losing trades, average return 5%

Even if the differences are not huge, Bitcoin Buyer is ahead in terms of both the frequency of winnings and the level of return achieved.

Conclusion of the comparison

Overall, Bitcoin Buyer can defend pole position in the test ahead of Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine. The user-friendliness of all providers is high, but the trading performance of Bitcoin Buyer is a touch better.

Of course, there are also other good auto-traders for crypto. But especially for beginners who only want to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Buyer is my clear test winner and top recommendation.

Use of Bitcoin robots

Is the use of Bitcoin robots worthwhile?

Anyone interested in trading Bitcoin is quickly confronted with complex challenges:

  • Countless trading platforms and opinions on the right approach
  • Constant market monitoring and analysis of prices and news required
  • Very time-consuming

Beginners and experienced traders can make life easier for themselves by using Bitcoin bots such as Bitcoin Buyer significantly easier. The software makes automated trading decisions while the user can sit back and relax.

A demo account allows you to test how it works without risk and gain initial experience. A great way for beginners to get into Bitcoin trading with little effort.

Tax aspects of Bitcoin Buyer

Bitcoin Buyer Tax: What do I need to consider?

Profits from Bitcoin trading must be taxed, regardless of whether they were generated manually or automatically.

German Bitcoin Buyer Users must declare their winnings in their tax return and pay the corresponding tax. As there is no Bafin regulation for Bitcoin Buyer, no exemption order is possible. However, personal allowances can be claimed.

The profits for a year must be calculated and declared as income. The personal tax rate depends on income, marital status and any allowances already utilised. - The Bitcoin Buyer app

Tips for using Bitcoin Buyer

Here are some tips for the successful use of Bitcoin Buyer:

  • Find out in advance how automated trading works
  • Gain experience with the free demo account first
  • Monitor the software closely during the initial period
  • Start with the minimum amount of 250 euros
  • Have your winnings paid out regularly
  • Pay attention to the tax situation in your country

Life from trading with Bitcoin Buyer

Is it possible to make a living from trading Bitcoin Buyer?

Yes, absolutely. With sufficient start-up capital, experience and discipline, you can make a living from Bitcoin trading alone with Bitcoin Buyer deny.

However, certain prerequisites are necessary for this:

  • Solid capital base
  • Extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies
  • Continuous training and market observation
  • Emotional stability and self-discipline

Even the best software is no substitute for the duties of a professional trader. You have to constantly educate yourself and keep up to date with market events.

Basically makes Bitcoin Buyer Bitcoin trading easier and more promising. However, making a living from trading alone requires dedicated effort and ideal conditions.

About the author

Michaela Noll has the ideal qualifications to competently assess Bitcoin Buyer. She studied business administration at the renowned Frankfurt School of Finance and subsequently gained over 5 years of professional experience in the financial sector.

She has always been passionate about the financial markets. In 2019, she turned this into her profession and founded a successful blog about investments and cryptocurrencies.

As an active trader, Michaela Noll is constantly testing new investment products. With her in-depth tests, she helps her readers to identify providers that actually offer added value.

Thanks to her academic background in finance, her many years of experience in the industry and her practical expertise as an investor, she is ideally qualified to analyse trading platforms such as Bitcoin Buyer competently.

Their judgement is based on both in-depth specialist knowledge and practical experience. Readers can rest assured that this Bitcoin Buyer test is extremely well-founded.

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Conclusion - My final judgement on Bitcoin Buyer

After my extensive tests and analyses, it is now time to draw a final conclusion on Bitcoin Buyer. Should you use the auto-trading software or should you stay away from it?

The advantages at a glance

  • Simple operation even for beginners
  • Fast and uncomplicated registration
  • Clear dashboard
  • Free demo account available
  • Automated trading around the clock
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Solid customer support

Be aware of possible risks

  • Profits are never guaranteed
  • Losses are possible
  • Focus only on Bitcoin, no other coins
  • No wallet, only trading of CFDs

My clear conclusion

After careful consideration of all aspects, I come to a positive overall judgement. In my opinion, Bitcoin Buyer is one of the best auto-trading solutions for Bitcoin.

The positives, such as user-friendliness and solid trading performance, clearly outweigh the negatives. Of course, there is never a guarantee of success and certain risks need to be considered.

But overall, I recommend beginners and experienced traders to give Bitcoin Buyer a try. Start with the demo account, trade in a disciplined manner and I see good opportunities for solid profits.

If you still do not achieve positive results, you can get your money back thanks to the fair cancellation policy.

With this in mind: My final verdict is "thumbs up" for Bitcoin Buyer! Test the bot yourself and decide whether it is suitable for you.


Michaela Noll is the founder and operator of the successful crypto blog

After studying business administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance, she gained over 5 years of professional experience in the financial sector. However, her passion has always been the financial markets and investments.

In 2019, Michaela Noll finally turned her hobby into a career and founded her blog. She shares her in-depth knowledge of shares, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and much more.

As an active trader, Michaela is constantly testing new brokers, robo advisors and trading apps. With her honest product reviews, she helps her readers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

With her academic background, many years of experience and practical expertise as an investor, Michaela Noll combines the ideal prerequisites for competently analysing and evaluating the financial markets.