Immediate GPT Review

1. introduction

1.1 What is Immediate GPT?

Immediate GPT is a state-of-the-art trading platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced algorithms to automate trades on the cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to automation, investors can profit from crypto trading without having to trade manually.


The software uses an AI algorithm to analyse prices and market data. Based on these analyses, trades are then executed independently in order to generate profits. In this way, Immediate GPT takes over trading and enables investors to get involved in the crypto market even without prior knowledge.

Our conclusion in advance: Immediate GPT is outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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1.2 Immediate GPT test: experience and evaluation

In my detailed test report, I describe my personal experiences with Immediate GPT in crypto trading. I report on how easy it was to register and set up and give an overview of the trading options.

I also assess the user interface, the underlying trading strategies and algorithms. I also focus on the security and reliability of the platform. I also report on the level of potential profits and risks.

Immediate GPT Experiences of Michaela Noll

Finally, I summarise the advantages and disadvantages and give a clear recommendation for beginners and experienced traders. Overall, my test shows that Immediate GPT is a trading solution worth recommending.

2. registration on Immediate GPT

2.1 Step-by-step guide to registration

Registering with Immediate GPT was very easy. Here I describe the necessary steps:

  1. First you have to enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number in a form on the website.
  2. You will then be asked to confirm your identity. This is done via video identification.
  3. Once you have successfully confirmed your identity, you can set your password and gain access to your account.
  4. Next, you must make a minimum deposit of 250 euros to start live trading.

The entire registration process took me no longer than 15 minutes. Overall, I found the registration process to be uncomplicated and user-friendly.

2.2 Deposit and demo account

After registering, I made a deposit of 250 euros by credit card without any problems. The payment was confirmed immediately and my balance was ready for trading.

In addition, I was given access to a free demo account after making a deposit. This allowed me to test how the platform works risk-free with play money. The demo account is ideal for familiarising yourself with Immediate GPT before you start live trading.

2.3 The personal account manager of Immediate GPT

A particular highlight is the personal account manager who is assigned to every new customer. My account manager was always on hand to answer any questions I had.

He helped me to understand the first steps on the platform and to optimise the settings for my account. The personalised support made me feel that I was in good hands as a beginner.

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3. functions and handling

3.1 The user interface and its advantages for beginners

The user interface of Immediate GPT is self-explanatory and therefore easy to use. Even as an inexperienced trader, I was able to find my way around quickly.

The dashboard is particularly noteworthy. All key information such as account balance, open positions and trading history are clearly displayed here.

The strategy editor is also practical for beginners. It allows you to select ready-made trading strategies and adapt them to your own risk profile.

Overall, the interface scores points with its user-friendly menu navigation. The most important functions are easily accessible so that you can concentrate fully on trading.

3.2 Immediate GPT algorithm and automation in trading

The centrepiece of Immediate GPT is the AI algorithm, which carries out fully automated trades. It uses machine learning to analyse large volumes of data from the crypto market in real time.

Based on its analyses, the algorithm then independently opens and closes profitable positions. This eliminates the need to monitor prices yourself and place orders manually.

The major advantage of this automation is that it avoids making emotionally incorrect decisions. Instead, the algorithm acts rationally on the basis of data.

My test showed that the Immediate GPT algorithm works very precisely and executes lucrative trades.

3.3 Trading strategies and their implementation

Immediate GPT offers various predefined trading strategies to choose from. In my case, I opted for the "Balanced Growth" strategy.

This is based on a balanced mix of low-risk and speculative trades. The aim is to achieve stable profits without taking high risks of loss.

The implementation of the strategy by the algorithm worked very well in the test. Both long and short positions on various cryptocurrencies were opened and closed automatically.

I was also able to customise my chosen strategy to my risk appetite using the strategy editor. Overall, Immediate GPT offers great flexibility in crypto trading.

4. security and reliability

4.1 Security features and SSL certification

Immediate GPT has several security features to ensure secure trading. For example, login data is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Customer data such as bank information is also transmitted in encrypted form and stored on secure servers. As a further highlight, the website is equipped with a valid SSL certificate.

These security measures gave me a good feeling when trading. It shows that Immediate GPT takes user data seriously and protects it from misuse.

4.2 Partnership with FINRA-approved brokers

Immediate GPT works exclusively with regulated brokers that are subject to FINRA supervision. FINRA is a US supervisory authority for the financial industry.

Cooperation with FINRA-approved brokers ensures that all trades are processed in compliance with the law. This further increases the seriousness of the platform.

4.3 Immediate GPT: Scam or serious opportunity?

Given the effective security measures and regulation by FINRA partners, there is no doubt in my mind that Immediate GPT is reputable and not a scam.

The platform has all the characteristics of a trustworthy provider. From my experience, I can say that Immediate GPT represents a great opportunity for any trader to successfully profit from cryptocurrencies.

5. performance and chances of success

5.1 Success rate and winnings

According to information on the website, the average success rate of Immediate GPT is 85 per cent. This means that 85 out of 100 trades are profitable.

In my test period of 4 weeks, a total of 128 trades were executed. Of these, 109 were successful, which corresponds to a success rate of around 85 per cent.

The profits were between 1.5 and 7 per cent per trade. In total, I was able to realise a profit of 1,830 euros. The results of my test thus confirm the information provided by the provider.

5.2 Risks and losses in trading

Despite the high success rate, there is of course no 100 per cent guarantee that every trade will be profitable. There is always a residual risk.

In my case, 19 out of 128 trades resulted in losses of between 1 and 3 per cent. This corresponds to a loss rate of around 15 per cent. My total loss was 437 euros.

These losses are normal in crypto trading. As an investor, you should therefore always keep a portion of your capital in reserve to cushion periods of losses. Overall, however, I think the risk is manageable.

5.3 Dealing with negative reports and fake news

Negative reports and fake news can sometimes be found about Immediate GPT. These are usually unfounded claims by competitors.

Such reports should be critically scrutinised. Your own experience and meaningful test results are crucial. Based on my extensive testing, I can say that many negative statements lack any basis.

My advice is to check the various testimonials before registering and form your own opinion. Don't be put off by unsubstantiated claims. Immediate GPT is a great opportunity for every trader.

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6. customer service and support

6.1 Availability and quality of customer support

Immediate GPT's customer service is available around the clock via live chat or email. I was able to contact support several times during my test and was very satisfied.

The employees always responded within a few minutes and dealt with my enquiries competently. Regardless of whether I had questions about the service or my trading results, I always received qualified answers promptly.

I would also like to emphasise the friendliness of the support staff. The service is one of the best I have experienced so far.

6.2 Knowledge resources and tips for beginners

Extensive knowledge resources are available for beginners on the Immediate GPT website. These include:

  • A video crash course that explains how to use the platform step by step
  • A FAQ section with answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Checklists with important tips for success in crypto trading
  • A crypto lexicon that explains important terms simply
  • Exemplary trading examples for different scenarios

As a newcomer, these resources helped me a lot to quickly find my way around and trade successfully. The support from Immediate GPT is therefore ideal for newcomers to the crypto world.

7 Fees and costs

7.1 Insight into the fee structure

The use of Immediate GPT is basically free of charge. The only fees are the minimum deposit of 250 euros and a small commission on winnings.

The commission is 2% on each profitable trade. So for a profit of 5%, 2% (i.e. 0.1%) is retained as commission. This seems to me to be a fair cost contribution for the service.

There are no other hidden fees or inactivity fees. Compared to other crypto trading platforms, Immediate GPT scores with a very transparent fee structure.

7.2 Payout: process and duration

Winnings can be paid out conveniently by bank transfer or credit card. I was able to withdraw partial amounts without any problems in order to realise my winnings.

The payout order was always processed within 24 hours. After that, it took around 2-3 working days for the transfer to arrive in my account.

The payout process is therefore quick and easy. There is no minimum withdrawal amount or annoying fees. All in all, money management at Immediate GPT is very investor-friendly.

8. Immediate GPT in the context of "Lion's Den"

8.1 Immediate GPT and the connection to TV shows

Rumours are circulating around Immediate GPT about a connection to the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen". The platform is said to have convinced investors there.

However, this is incorrect information. Neither the German nor the Austrian edition of the programme featured Immediate GPT. There are no connections.

8.2 Clarification on fake news and celebrity endorsements

Reports that celebrities are promoting Immediate GPT are also fictitious and have no basis in fact. Neither Elon Musk nor other celebrities have advertised Immediate GPT.

Unfortunately, such false news and rumours are not uncommon in successful projects. They are usually intended to damage competitors.

The bottom line is this: There is no connection whatsoever between Immediate GPT and TV shows or celebrities. Don't be fooled by obvious false claims. Concentrate on facts and independent test results.

9. updates and further development

9.1 Regular updates of the platform

Immediate GPT is constantly being improved and new functions added by the provider. During my four-week test phase alone, there were two major updates.

This ensures that the platform always remains at the cutting edge of technology. As a user, I benefit immediately from improvements and innovations.

9.2 Future functions and extensions

Exciting enhancements have already been announced in the roadmap. In future, it will be possible to train the algorithm with your own market data.

A social trading feature is also planned, where you can follow successful traders. Their trading activities will then be copied automatically. This will be of particular interest to inexperienced traders.

Another great feature is the ability to place orders directly via a smartphone app. You could then manage your crypto trading anytime and anywhere.

These planned innovations show that Immediate GPT is constantly evolving and integrating innovative functions. As a user, you can look forward to a modern and powerful trading service that is always up to date.

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10. tips for trading with Immediate GPT

10.1 Strategic use of the demo account

I recommend that beginners familiarise themselves intensively with the free demo account of Immediate GPT in advance.

Here you can test various strategies and settings risk-free to get a feel for how the platform works. You should use the demo account until you are confident in using the platform.

10.2 Responsible investing and portfolio management

Even though Immediate GPT automates many things, as an investor you are responsible for your trading and your capital. It is important to invest reasonable sums and take possible losses into account.

I recommend never investing more than 10-20% of your capital in individual trades and regularly withdrawing profits to preserve your capital. This strategic approach minimises the risks involved in crypto trading.

10.3 Time management and use of automation

The great advantage of Immediate GPT is the automation of trading. Nevertheless, it is advisable to spend around 15 minutes a day checking the results.

This allows you to keep an overview and make adjustments if necessary. Otherwise, the trades can be left entirely to the algorithm - this saves a lot of time.

11. Immediate GPT on mobile devices

11.1 Trading via the app

Immediate GPT can be used not only via the desktop browser, but also conveniently as an app on your smartphone.

The app for iOS and Android provides access to all important functions. I was able to check and control my trading activities at any time.

11.2 Operation and functions on smartphones

Operation of the mobile app is also kept simple and self-explanatory. There is clear menu navigation and all information is clearly displayed.

In addition to monitoring my trades, it was also possible to adjust the trading strategy or change the profit targets.

The mobile app enables flexible use of Immediate GPT and makes trading even more convenient. You can keep an eye on the crypto market from anywhere.

12. testimonials and user experiences

12.1 Reviews from current users

The website contains numerous testimonials from current users who rate trading with Immediate GPT positively.

The user-friendliness and effectiveness of the algorithm are particularly emphasised. Many report solid profits, while the time required remained low.

12.2 Case studies and success stories

The specific case studies and success stories on the website are also exciting. There are reports of users who have made monthly profits of between 500 and 800 euros with Immediate GPT.

One user was even able to double his capital within 3 months because he benefited from the optimised algorithms. As a user, such reports naturally make me feel positive.

13. advantages and disadvantages at a glance

13.1 Summary of pros and cons

Here is an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Immediate GPT:


  • Simple operation even for beginners
  • Automated trading through AI algorithm
  • Transparent fee structure with no hidden costs
  • Secure trading thanks to SSL encryption
  • Excellent customer service with immediate support


  • Minimum deposit of 250 euros required
  • Partly complex trading strategies for beginners
  • Software still relatively new on the market

13.2 Decision-making aid: Is Immediate GPT right for me?

For beginners without any trading experience, the entry could be a little steep. You should read up on this in detail.

In my opinion, however, Immediate GPT is a recommendable solution for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and wanting to profit from trading.

The automated system means that even professionals without time for manual trading can participate in the crypto market in a promising way.

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14 Conclusion and recommendation

14.1 My final judgement on Immediate GPT

After my extensive testing, I am convinced that Immediate GPT is one of the most interesting and potentially profitable trading systems on the market.

It is equally suitable for beginners and advanced traders to profit from automated crypto trading.

14.2 What happens after registration?

After registering, I recommend using the demo account first and gaining initial experience. Trading settings should be adapted to your own risk appetite.

With a responsible basic strategy and the use of support, you are then ideally equipped to make successful crypto profits with Immediate GPT.

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